How Can I Help Puerto Rico?

Supplies are desperately needed in eastern Puerto Rico. We have partnered with Proyecto Matria to serve 15 rural communities that are struggling to recover from the hurricane. Learn more about Proyecto Matria here.

The Collegiate Church of New York made an initial donation of $10,000 to help the people of Puerto Rico with water filtration. As an ongoing effort, the Collegiate Church will match each dollar you give -- up to an additional $15,000. 

What will my donation purchase?

Any donation will be matched by the Collegiate Church, so your generosity has twice the buying power!

Supplies include:
$15 - Sheets & Towels
$20 - Solar Lamps
$25 - Solar Chargers
$50 - Water Filters
$140-$500 - Generators (sizes range from 100 watts-2000 watts) 

CLICK HERE to donate today!