Space Rentals

Fort Washington Collegiate Church (FWCC) seeks to encourage broad usage of our facility
by our neighborhood community, and we recognize that events for which space is rented
may not directly reflect the faith perspective of FWCC.
However, space will not be rented for any event that may oppose the principles and values of FWCC.

Not sure which space is right for your event?
Email for viewing appointments.

Please note: 
All requests MUST be submitted through the form below.
NO PHONE CALLS will be accepted for space inquiries.

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(up to 290)


Tiffany stained glass windows adorn the space with exposed wooden beams and wood paneled ceiling. The space has a center aisle for bridal entry and a spacious front area with a raised pulpit. An overhead projector and screen are mounted from above.


Fellowship Hall

(up to 212)


This room offers natural lighting on two sides as it is adorned with stained glass windows and refinished wood floors. This open space has two entrances and can be set up many ways to accommodate a seated or standing reception and dancing. An overhead projector and screen are mounted from above.


(up to 144)


This open space is surrounded by all glass windows and marble tiled floors. It is directly connected to the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall. The glass doors open out into the gated garden which allows for a scenic view. If you have a larger party, the space opens into the Fellowship Hall.

Conference rooms, Gymnasium and smaller spaces are available!
Please inquire for pricing. 

Equipment Available for Rent

6’ rectangle tables (no cost)
folding or stackable chairs (no cost)
Microphone & portable speaker system
Monitor for display of slideshow or video
TV Monitor
Cocktail Tables
 CD Player
Coat Rack

2 Candelabras
Microphone & portable speaker system
Projector (Fellowship Hall & Sanctuary only)
Wifi Access

Wedding - Pavilion.jpg

Weddings at FWCC

 Fort Washington Collegiate Church is a beautiful Hudson Heights setting for weddings of all kinds. Our historic sanctuary can be used for ceremonies, or bring the reception into our recently renovated Pavilion.

Email for availability and pricing.


Please note: Tobacco and alcohol are not permitted on the church premises.
This includes all event participants, guests, caters, photographers, florists, or other individuals.

Space Rental Terms and Conditions


Fees shown are for 4 hours of use including set up and clean up; each additional hour is billed 25% of the stated fee schedule. Multiple rooms rented for the same event can be adjusted at the discretion of the appropriate FWCC representative.


A rental deposit is required for use of the church facility. The deposit must be received with the fully completed and signed Facility Rental Agreement Form. If the deposit is made by check, the check must be posted at the Bank before the request for the facility rental will be approved and/or the church accessible for any portion of the event. All checks are to be payable to Fort Washington Collegiate Church.


All room rentals are available within the following timeframes:

  • Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

  • Saturdays 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM

  • Sundays 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

If your event goes beyond the above listed times, you will be billed for additional labor hours per worker at the rate of time and a half.  If the nature of your event requires additional crew, e.g: security or a sound technician, FWCC will pass on the additional labor charges to you. 
These will be discussed and agreed upon in advance of your event.


Kitchen cannot be used for preparation of food – a vendor list of caterers can be provided upon request.

Decoration Guidelines

  • No nails

  • All tape must be removed as part of clean up –blue painters tape ONLY

  • No candles

  • Renters may not remove any existing items or displays without permission of facilities staff.

Additional Terms

  • An FWCC facilities staff person must be notified both when a renter arrives for an event and when the event has ended and they are departing.

  • All A/V equipment must be operated by FWCC staff.

  • Absolutely no throwing of rice or birdseed on or around church grounds.

  • Weddings and memorial services must be officiated by an FWCC Pastor.

  • There is no rental charge to members for funerals or memorial services. Only actual costs will be charged.

  • All decorations, flowers, rental equipment, or other items brought into the church facility for the event must be removed at the end of the event.

  • Florists may use the kitchen located in the cellar floor, but they must clean it before leaving the facility and leave the kitchen in the same condition in which it was found.

  • Only rooms reserved and paid for may be used by the renter. No additional space will be granted less than 48 hours in advance.

  • Areas left unclean or damage to property may result in forfeiture of the entire Rental Deposit.

  • All property shall be left in as good condition as when received. The Renter’s property is to be removed from the premises immediately upon completion of Contract term unless previous arrangements have been made, and FWCC shall not be responsible for the renter’s personal property in any way during or after a rental period.

  • The church’s name may not be used as a sponsoring entity in any advertisement or promotional literature unless it is approved in writing prior to the event.