Want to help Puerto Rico? Give Clean Water.

Fort Washington Collegiate Church Responds to Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands

The Collegiate Church of New York made an initial donation of $10,000 to help the people of Puerto Rico with water filtration. As an ongoing effort, the Collegiate Church will match each dollar you give -- up to an additional $15,000. 

Donate today.

Your money goes toward water filtration, supplies, infrastructure and power. 

This initial donation of the Collegiate Church of New York purchased two water filtration kits for municipalities in Puerto Rico through Oasis Operation. Each kit costs $4,000. The Collegiate Church of New York also donated $2,000 to Waves for Water for water filtration in the Virgin Islands. 

We want more communities in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to have clean water. Will you help? 

Donate today. 

We will be collecting donations through Sunday, December 3. When giving online or by check, please mark “PR/VI Fund” in the notes section. 

Long Term 
We will advocate and support the changes needed in infrastructure and access to electricity. We will speak out against institutional racism and work for systemic political changes. 

Donate today.