Women's March, Saturday January 21st

The Women's March


UCD (Uptown Community Dems) will form part of the Northern Manhattan contingency who will march in unity at the Women's March on NYC. All are invited to join us.

Below are details of meet up: 
* 10:15 am UCD Members and friends will meet at the #1 train downtown platform of 168th St. subway station. 
* 10:30 am our UCD group will travel together to join all other participating Northern Manhattan groups at 145th Street Subway on downtown # 1 platform. 
* 11:00 am Together the Northern Manhattan contingency will ride the subway to travel to One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza at United Nations and then march with our fellow New Yorkers to Trump Tower. (We are scheduled to march at 11:50.)

Although not mandatory, if you plan to join UCD, it is recommended that you RSVP to uptowncommunitydems@gmail.com. You will be provided with a group leader's name and contact cell phone number.